Lukasz Ociepka is a Brand Designer & Consultant with 15 years of experience and a network of specialists

Thanks to the process developed over the years, I provide comprehensive visual identity systems that help businesses expand, attract new clients and enhance relationships with current ones.

With business owners, we focus on the business goals beyond each project, always working in close cooperation to build a partnership that delivers results. I provide assistance, advice, and support.


Partnership Branding Process

01. Discovery

It all starts with a conversation. Let's talk about your expectations and business goals. We'll discover the needs and make a plan to meet them. 

Discovery conversation

Brand identity audit

Needs assessment

Brand workshop

Project timeline

Detailed offer

02. Concept

Let's clarify the right narrative and visual direction of the project. We're going to ensure that it reflects the strategic objectives.

Brand analysis

Market research

Brand messaging strategy


Brand visual strategy

03. Design

High-fidelity design work starts. We're creating a consistent visual identity system containing a specific set of elements. This is all based on our pre-established goals and strategy.


Key visual


Digital elements & templates

Social media templates


Printable elements

Promotional materials

04. Launch

Getting everything ready for the new system, including files, instructions, and video guides. I'm also coordinating the production of digital and printed materials. You can count on my support throughout the process.

Digital assets preparation

Brand manual & guidelines

Supervision and coordination of production

Support at the brand launch

What people say?

What people say?

Let’s discuss how we can boost your business

The key is here.

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